Twitch hacking: platform accused of regularly neglecting security warnings


Following Twitch’s major data breach this week, several former employees accused the company of having a habit of neglecting security and safety concerns.

On Wednesday, an anonymous hacker claimed to have disclosed all of Twitch, including its source code and information on how much money the company has paid to streamers since August 2019.

The Amazon-owned company has since confirmed that “a breach has taken place” and is working to understand the extent of the leak.

Talk to The edge, several former Twitch employees claimed the company had not done enough to tackle the safety and security warnings.

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A source claimed that Twitch regularly chose not to disclose security issues, including one in 2017 that allowed crooks to contact streamers and resulted in Twitch accounts being linked with compromised Amazon’s.

Another source claimed that employees often raised concerns about security, including the potential for abuse of raids before the feature’s launch, but that Twitch did not sufficiently heed these warnings because it was more concerned with the rapid launch of the system.

“There would be constant questions and discontent about the regular failures of moderation,” the source said, adding that management would respond to concerns “very slowly.”

In an effort to combat hate raids, last week Twitch updated its moderation tools to allow streamers to restrict chat to people who have verified their account by associating it with a phone number, while expanding email verification settings.

Twitch said on Thursday that there was “no indication” that the login details were exposed during Wednesday’s data breach and that the credit card information was not taken. It also resets the primary flow key for each user “out of caution”.


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