The Security Fund for the Protection of Places of Worship is open for applications


Mosques and Muslim faith schools have been awarded £24.5million for security measures to protect their places of worship and schools and make our streets safer, the Security Minister announced today ( May 19).

Muslims continue to face an increased threat of hate crimes. In 2020/2021, 45% of religious hate crimes recorded by police in England and Wales targeted Muslims.

Starting today, places of worship can bid for funds to put in place security measures to help combat this threat. This could include installing CCTV cameras and perimeter fencing to ensure adequate measures are in place to protect worshippers. Muslims will also be able to express their interest in security services at mosques, to ensure that their communities can pray safely and without fear.

In addition, £3.5m is available for other faith communities through the government’s Places of Worship Fund. Applications are now open and all places of worship that feel vulnerable to hate crimes are encouraged to apply. This program goes hand in hand with the Jewish Community Protection Security Grant, which provides protection security to the Jewish community and was recently renewed for this year.

This latest round of funding marks the government’s continued commitment to protecting people’s right to practice their religion without fear and to making our streets safer.

Security Minister Damian Hinds said:

It is a fundamental right to be able to practice one’s faith in one’s community.

This new round of funding will cover the costs of security measures for places of worship to deter and prevent hate crime attacks against vulnerable communities, making our streets safer.

I encourage any place of worship that feels vulnerable to hate crimes to apply for funding through the Places of Worship Fund.

Tell MAMA Director Iman Atta said:

The additional support from this government to provide security support through guarding services is warmly welcomed and much needed.

Tell MAMA has consistently called for additional support to Islamic institutions and mosques and in line with the nationwide anti-Muslim hate crime monitoring and support services that Tell MAMA provides on an ongoing basis. Collectively, this government support should be welcomed and applauded.

The Places of Worship Fund is part of the Government’s commitment to ensure faith communities in England and Wales are protected from the threat of hate crime attacks by providing funding to places of worship such as churches, mosques, gurdwaras, temples and associated religious community centers. to improve physical security.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales shows a long-term decline in hate crime in general. The increase in the number of hate crimes recorded by police in recent years is attributable to improved recording of crimes and better identification of what constitutes a hate crime.

As part of this increased program, the government is introducing a new program for Muslim faith-based schools to provide additional protection which will be rolled out later this year.


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