The record prize is the good episode which gave more than $80,000


The Ferris wheel from “Showcase Showdown” might be one of the most recognizable locations from “The Price is Right.” That’s because this particular game is one of the show’s most opportune times to win money. However, the contestants took the Ferris wheel to a whole new level in a 2017 episode of the show (via Golden Road). During the episode, the rules were changed significantly. According to The Orlando Sentinel, when contestants are normally worth $1 on the Ferris wheel, they win $1,000, but in this episode they end up with $1 and $10,000. And an extra $1 spin equaled $25,000.

Even with the increase, hitting $1 on the wheel still requires a fair amount of luck. However, the three competitors competing seemed to have no problem beating the odds. Per CBS DFW, the three contestants in this episode manage to land a $1 spin in their first spins, earning them a collective $30,000. Before anyone can pick their jaws up off the floor, two of the three competitors continue their initial rounds for that $25,000 bonus, earning them a collective $50,000. So in total, thanks to five $1 spins, the Ferris wheel brings in $80,000. According to Global News, that means this episode features the highest-grossing Ferris wheel ride in television history.


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