The price of the MTG Bulk-Bin card explodes by 500% in just 24 hours!


It took a little while, but Dominaria United and the MTG Warhammer crossover are truly starting to create incredibly messy price movements in the market. We now have bulk bin cards (or at least under $10) which are now cards everyone and their dog are looking for. If you’re looking for the one that’s literally a dog, then good luck because those cards are hard to come by right now. That said, one of those cards went from less than a dollar to $5 overnight. Can you guess?

Magosi, the Veil of Water

Wait…didn’t we talk about this card yesterday? Well, the card has seen an absurd spike since we took the time to explain the infinite combo it allows with a new Warhammer card. The card was selling for around 30 cents at the start of the spike, quickly reaching a dollar. Now it sells for $5 and up to. If you’re curious about how the combo works, we wrote an entire article about it yesterday. For those who listened to our advice and picked up some of these ASAP, kudos for the speculation, but be careful! Such a sudden spike caused by a massive buyback is fragile and may not last in the long term.

Seizan, Pervert of Truth

seizan, pervert of truth

It’s not hard to see why this card is so strong. Sheoldred, the apocalypse is probably Dominaria United’s most unexpected breakout card, wreaking absolute havoc in Standard, Pioneer, and Commander. Seizan makes Sheoldred’s ability much more punishing and even lessens its drawbacks for Sheoldred’s owner.

Over the past week, average sales on Seizan have climbed between $7-10 anywhere between $20-30, with prices showing signs of an even bigger increase. Seizan only has one print, so even low demand multiplies the cost of the card. If you’re in the market, consider grabbing one when you see it.

Yoshimaru, always faithful

Yoshimaru, always faithful

Dominaria United is a great set for cards that care about legendary cards. Yoshimaru grows alongside other legendary permanents and is therefore a great upgrade to the legendary questions archetype introduced in the Legacy of Legends deck. Yoshimaru is also a great card to play with the new Jodah, the unifier.

This map started going up in mid-August from around $2 and now sells anywhere between $4 and $14. Condition matters a bit, but with some research you should be able to find a lower price $10 if you are interested in finding one for yourself.

Untaidake, Guardian of the Cloud

untaidake, the guardian of the clouds

The peak of this map seems to be just beginning. Another map being affected by the Legends Matter theme, this is basically a cheap map ancient tomb in the right bridge. It also saw play in the command zone in a Dihada, binding wills platform. As has been brought up several times here, anything that sees play in the command zone has a chance to escalate. That’s how influential this content creator is.

The price of Untaidake is rising steadily, pushing down $8 interval. Considering that this card was only worth about $3 at the beginning of the month, the price increase is enormous. This card has only one print from an older game, which means that demand should heavily influence the price of Untaidake. This is a particular card I would look at, as it has the same motives as Magosi before his insane spike yesterday.

tenacious underdog

tenacious underdog

Here’s a map I have a few playsets of in my bulk bin that I’m going to need to find now. This peak is also incredibly fresh and mostly driven by Standard and Pioneer. Tenacious Underdog is good in the early game and turns into a card advantage as well as a clock even after he dies. The applications for this card are relatively obvious, and it’s very likely that after this spike it will retain a decent price in the long run. His ability is just too good.

Tenacious Underdog has grown from approximately $1 at $4. It’s not a huge amount, but this bulk card increases aggressively. That said, prices for this card might stabilize a little early around $3. While this might be the best card in Standard right now, it just doesn’t drive secondary market prices. MTG players mainly play Standard online. It is almost unheard of to see a large group of paper Standard players. Therefore, paper prices are not affected too much.



Ok…this chart isn’t even recent enough to see market movement, but we think you should keep an eye on it. This card debuts around $5, but we think it’s probably worth more than that. It might take a while to skyrocket, but these Warhammer cards can get rather exclusive over time. If you’re looking for ways to use this card in your game, here are some ideas we’ve come up with.


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