The BCL benefits from an extension of insurance | Bonners Ferry Herald


BONNERS FERRY – The Boundary County Library has received a three-month extension of insurance coverage from the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program.

The ICRMP, or Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, is a member-owned carrier established by local governments in Idaho to provide property and casualty insurance to public entities. The carrier provides all insurance coverage for the BCL. The City of Bonners Ferry, Kootenai County, Bonner and Boundary Counties and other jurisdictions also use this carrier.

In a unanimous vote, the CIRMP board granted the library 90 days to rectify the policy and administrative weaknesses that led to the original decision to cancel the library’s insurance coverage from of October 2022, wrote the members of the BCL board of directors in a press release.

Board Chairman Bob Blanford and former Director Sandra Ashworth traveled to Boise on September 13 to make the case to the CIRMP and successfully negotiated this extension, with the possibility of continued coverage if the CPRI sees improvement within the 90-day period.

The Boundary County Library Board would like to thank CIRMP for this expansion and for trusting them to continue working to put the library back on solid footing.

The Board also wishes to thank the small library staff who have stayed on to keep the doors open and continue to serve Boundary County Library patrons despite the recent unprecedented struggles the library has endured.

“As we bid a fond farewell to those employees who could no longer justify continued employment at the library, we also wish to thank them for their long and selfless service in the face of adversity,” the board members wrote. “As the Boundary County Library seeks to restore the confidence of staff, administration, politics and the public in one of our most treasured institutions, we ask the public for their patience and understanding. as we progress.”


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