Stanley County School District raises school lunch prices by 5 to 10 cents


In the next school year (2022-23), the federal government will not provide funding to make school meals free for all students as it has done for the past two years due to COVID.

Schools will start charging fees again which will have to be paid by parents and guardians. However, schools will also resume the availability of free or reduced price breakfast, lunch or milk for eligible students.

Stanley County School District business manager Tate Gabriel said the school board approved a five-cent cost increase for students and a ten-cent price increase for adults.

The new breakfast prices for Stanley County School are:

  • JK-5 $2.00

  • 6-12 $2.10

  • adult $2.45

The new lunch prices are:

  • JK-5 $3.00

  • 6-12 $3.10

  • adult $4.00

Gabriel says the price of an extra milk will remain at 40 cents, discounted meals will remain at 30 cents and second servings will cost $1.25. All of these prices are the same as for the 2021-22 school year.

In Pierre, the cost of lunch will increase by 25 cents at elementary, middle and high schools. This brings the amount paid for each to $2.05, $2.15, and $2.25, respectively. Adults will see a 50 cent increase, bringing the cost of their breakfast to $2.75. The reduced cost price will remain at 30 cents.

Lunches will cost 30 cents more for elementary and middle school students in Pierre, 35 cents more for high school and 49 cents more for adults. Total costs will be $3.25 for elementary students, $3.45 for middle school students, and $3.60 for high school students. Lunches for adults will cost $4.50. The cost of discounted lunches will remain at 40 cents.

The price of individual milk in Pierre’s school district increases by 10 cents, to 50 cents. The 20-day punch card goes from $8 to $10. The term pass goes from $20 to $21 and the school year milk pass goes from $60 to $70. Milk Punch tickets and passes are non-refundable.


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