Service stations in great difficulty because of the extension of the fuel price ceiling!


Dual pricing at gas stations is unsustainable. This is the biggest problem for small gas stations, which are still not sufficiently compensated by the government for the cost of the price freeze, the president of the Association of Independent Gas Stations told Inforadio.

Small service stations are suffering

Every day they (the small gas stations – editor’s note) grapple with the elements, one of which is the double price, said Gábor Egri. Among the problems with dual pricing, he said there should be a credible review at gas stations to know who is entitled to the official price and who is subject to the market price, but it is impossible to do so. .

Especially since during an authentic inspection they should check license plates and registration documents, but in the latter case they did not receive any information about what kind of samples of existing documents, said the chairman of the Independent Petrol Station Association, as reported by He said that

“Looking at license plates and seeing a license plate floating in front of someone is not believable”.


Gábor Egri also pointed out that official prices and market prices are very different (the market price of diesel is around 820 HUF (€2.05), while the official price is 480 HUF (EUR 1.20)) and that many abuses can result from customers buying gasoline at official prices and then reselling it at market prices.

Egri also believes there is a real danger that illegal fuel smuggling could explode into neighboring countries.

What could be the solution?

Egri would see the solution in the fact that the small service stations would become strategic partners in supplying the country, since in addition to Mol, it is the networks of service stations or the individual service stations that have an activity and retail fuel only in Hungary.

He pointed out that while smaller service stations can only focus on the Hungarian market, international companies think in broader terms and can close their Hungarian operations if they are loss-making, as reports.

The subsidy should be increased

The Independent Petrol Station Association has also proposed that the subsidy scheme for small stations be increased by 20 HUF (EUR 0.050) to at least 40 HUF (EUR 0.1), which would still cover transportation costs, so the amount remaining at gas stations would be 10-12 HUF (EUR 0.025-0.030), or at most 16 HUF (EUR 0.040) per litre, which would be “insufficient to cover the electricity bill”.

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