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Panaji: In order to revive the private sector investment in Goa and create employment opportunities for the locals, the state government intends to organize an investment Mountain peak in September, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Saturday. Sawant said that the investment meeting – Invest Goa – will be organized in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).
Industry Minister Mauvin Godinho said many industrial organizations are keen to work with the state government to bring investment to Goa.
“GCCI has made a proposal on Invest Goa 2022. In September, together with FICCI, we will definitely do that,” the Chief Minister said.
I welcome your proposal. Together with you, we will organize the Invest Goa summit in the state of Goa so that new investors can be brought to Goa,” Sawant told industrialists during the 114th Annual General Meeting of GCCI.
A similar event, the Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit, took place in October 2019, but was organized in partnership with the Vibrant Goa Foundation.
“Those who are ready to invest in Goa, we have to call them, we have to discuss with them and we have to encourage them to invest in Goa. If we do that, then Goa can become a model state. Then we can say that Goa is the tourism capital of India, it is the first IT state and a hub of knowledge,” Sawant said.
“I would like to make a point here. The government cannot really attract investors. It is the industry that can invite investors. If we all organize a good investors summit in Goa, then the vision shared for the tourism sector by Rohan Khaunte and the vision shared by Minister of Industry Mauvin Godinho will bear fruit,” Sawant said.
While Godinho confirmed that an investors’ summit is planned in Goa, he said further details would be shared after the monsoon assembly session. “Let me change and streamline industry policies and then we can attract new investment,” Godinho told TOI after the event.
Godinho said he will introduce several amendments and policies during the monsoon assembly session, which will ensure one-stop clearances and streamlined standards for the industry.
“I met with GCCI and my whole team, the chief secretary and the industries secretary,” Sawant said. “I have instructed my departments to review the suggestions given by GCCI and take action to make it easier to do business and remove barriers for the industries. In a short period of time, over the next six months, many changes will be observed.
Sawant accused environmentalists and activists of blocking Goa’s development. “It’s the anti-industry NGOs and the anti-government NGOs that oppose everything. There is not a single project where NGOs have not taken legal action to court,” Sawant said. Because of this, the government has wasted a lot of time, money and energy fighting cases before the NGT and the Supreme Court.
Sawant said the industry should take the first step to engage in discussions with NGOs and activists so concerns can be resolved. “We’re ready to sit around the table and chat,” Sawant said.
“They oppose marinas. Marinas are one of the best projects. If marinas don’t come to Goa now, then…” Sawant said. “If people start opposing everything, investors won’t come to Goa.”


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