Security Agencies to Draw Up Plan to Prevent Targeted Killings in Kashmir


Amid growing incidents of targeted killings by militants in Kashmir this year, the Center has asked security agencies to formulate a plan to protect potential targets without providing individual security cover to each of them.

Since the repeal of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status under Article 370 in August 2019, militants have engaged in isolated targeted killings to stay in the spotlight as they have been unable to carry out any major attacks on the security forces.

“Security agencies were asked to identify possible targets by analyzing patterns, data and other information. The police and administration have also been instructed to prepare a plan to protect soft targets,” sources told DH.

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They said the Center also plans to relocate the base of some of the Central Armed Paramilitary Forces (CAPF) offices deployed in the valley to where the vulnerable population lives. “Moving the bases of paramilitary forces and other security agencies, including J&K police, to vulnerable areas will go a long way to preventing targeted killings by hybrid militants,” the sources added.

Hybrid militancy posing a new challenge to security agencies in recent months, J&K police have called it Pakistan’s “strategic move” to protect criminals. Hybrid militancy is faceless in which militants after killing civilians and off-duty police go underground in an effort to make it look like they have done nothing.

A senior police officer said that with militants frustrated with the relentless operations of security forces, they could carry out targeted killings in the coming days. “Although the security forces have been fully prepared to thwart their designs, it is difficult to predict when and where they will strike,” he said.

“Most of the targeted killings took place in the afternoon or evening. It was found that the militants, after killing civilians, left the scene in the same way. Various other techniques used by hybrid militants to hit soft targets have also been investigated to prevent the recurrence of such incidents,” he said, adding that some potential militant targets could benefit from security cover depending on the situation. of the perception of the threat.


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