Pocklington City Council seeks to beef up West Green’s security with new protective barrier


Travelers had access to Pocklington’s West Green on Friday, June 25.

The council hopes to attract bids to build a half-meter-high earthen mound, or bund, as it seeks to strengthen security measures in the area.

The move aims to end any illegal occupation of public space following an incident earlier this year when a group of travelers entered the site.

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The council has already added additional security measures, including height barriers at entry / exit points as well as telescopic bollards and fixed bollards.

The cost of these precautions was £ 7,400.

The sea wall would protect the last weak point along the West Green boundary.

The travelers arrived at the site on Friday, June 25, and the town hall quickly took legal action to get them out.

It cost the board almost £ 7,000, including attorneys’ fees, court costs and site notices. This action, as well as the clean-up operation, cost a total of £ 12,229.

A council spokesperson said: “We are looking to strengthen our security arrangements at West Green following the travelers issue earlier this year.

“We have already installed high barriers, telescopic and fixed bollards, and now we are just making the area more secure.

“We hope to put a dike along the fenced area so people can’t just walk through the fence at the upper end of the parking lot and enter the site.

“We are looking to create a land bank to deter anyone wishing to enter West Green illegally and we are issuing a call for tenders to companies. “

○ Companies are invited to send an email [email protected] if they wish to tender for the dike work.


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