Plan a new billion in climate investments

Promises Erna Can’t Give Up: Erna Solberg tells Viji in New York about her ambitious climate plan. But as interim prime minister, he will challenge those running the Jonas Kahar Store and Norway after the Sonasberg government.

New York Prime Minister (VG) Erna Solberg (H) plans to double the Norwegian aid contribution to climate finance from six to 12 billion crowns by 2025. Now follow the government’s goal of a new Jonas Care Store if they wish.

Monday afternoon, Norwegian time, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will meet with several heads of state for a climate summit in New York. Erna Solberg is attending an event leading up to COP26, the major climate conference in Glasgow in October.

A few hours before the climate summit, Erna Solberg met VG in New York on Monday evening.

According to Norwegian tradition, the outgoing Norwegian prime minister cannot make international promises after an electoral defeat, he said.

– In order to gain momentum in international climate negotiations, it is necessary to move someone to engage the largest developing countries, Solberg told Viji.

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UN Secretary-General: World Heads For 2.7-Degree Warming

2.7 student

On Friday, the UN Secretary General issued the new climate warning:

– Guterres warns that global warming could reach 2.7 degrees Celsius if climate change is not reduced.

The Solberg government wanted to double Norway’s contribution to climate finance.

Erna Solberg told Vij in New York that when we didn’t win the election, it wasn’t natural to tie so much to climate promises.

In the pre-COP 26 work, we received a request from the host country, Great Britain, to try to bid on other countries.


– When you do not win the elections, it is not natural to draw so much equality, he adds.

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UN Climate Report: Man-made climate change Extreme weather conditions are very intense

Double arch

Solberg’s challenge goes directly to the elections with the aim of forming a new government, which Labor leader Jonas Kahar is working with Store SP and SV:

In government, we have made it clear that we need to double climate finance in the development aid budget. It was around six billion crowns in 2020. Our target is 12 billion by 2025, he says.

– That’s what we planned. Now the new government must follow suit, adds Solberg.

All about climate finance

She insists that there are already many, which have been put on the table and already destroyed by the departure:

The mechanism of the Paris Agreement was that nations should reconsider their obligations every five years and prioritize increasing their ambitions, never reducing them. In February 2020, Norway was one of the first countries to declare new emission reduction targets.

There was also this spring The promise of a climate fund was launched, Which was immediately dashed: NOK 10 billion will be invested in a new fund in five years, which will invest in renewable energies in developing countries. development, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in these countries.

Glasgow Government Store

Although Erna Solberg and her government will represent Norway at the United Nations General Assembly this week, it is a new government that will send its people to the Glasgow climate conference in early November.

– It is not a Norwegian championship, but a world intensity. Solberg says a ton of emissions in India would be as bad as a ton of emissions in Norway.

– With the exception of the fossil era, much has been done to bring many countries directly to the renewable era. But if we do not come to climate change, many other types of aid will be called into question. This applies, among other things, to the growing conditions of food and the availability of water resources for people affected by extreme weather conditions, he adds.

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