Pakistan moves terror launch pad near Line of Control; security on high alert

Pakistan moves terror launch pad near Line of Control; security on high alert

Srinagar, September 5: Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir learned that Pakistan has moved the terrorist launch pads near the Line of Control to push as many terrorists as possible into Indian territory before the winters arrive. September – October has always been the most favorable month for terrorists to cross into the Kashmir region from across the border. After the first snowfall, these mountains are completely covered with feet of snow, which makes it difficult for these terrorists to pass. And that’s why before the winter, Pakistan is trying to get as many terrorists through as possible. There is a report according to the intercept of the terrorist’s conversation that more than 6 launch pads are activated across the border and about 150 trained terrorists are ready to infiltrate.

Security forces have received information that Pakistan has moved these terrorist launch pads from previous locations. These launch pads used to be at least 4-5 km from the LoC and now they have been moved to half a kilometer from the Loc. According to security force sources, these camps are very close to the Indian areas of Gurez, Neelam Valley, Keel Sectors, Tangdhar, Uri, Chakoti, Gulmarg, Poonch, Rajouri, Sunderbani and Nowshera near the line of control of Jammu- and Kashmir.

The Indian army was put on high alert after receiving this information. Surveillance on the line of control has been reinforced. The Indian Army conducts day and night patrols and keeps an eye out using the latest gadgets like drones, night watch cameras, PTZs and thermal cameras.

“We received the best and latest weapons and ammunition. Also, the new gadgets thanks to which we can face any difficulty, such as facing terrorists or natural calamities. New technology has helped us keep an eye on the enemy 24/7 and ensure that we don’t allow anyone to cross our camp. And through our vigil, we ensure that infiltrators don’t have the chance to sneak in. We want to tell the citizens of our country that until we secure these borders; they shouldn’t be afraid of anything. » Manoj Kumar, Naib Subedar, Indian Army.

According to information received from intelligence agency sources, Pakistan has moved the active training camps to Balakot, Gadi Habibullah, Chelabandi, Shawnala, Dulai, Sansa, Kotli, Gulpur, Fagosh and Dubli areas near the LOC.

Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbagh Singh previously said most of the attempts to infiltrate by terrorists across the border had been foiled. But there have also been some successful offers. He also said that terrorists are now sending weapons and drugs to Jammu and Kashmir using drones.

Over the past two weeks, there have been numerous infiltration attempts by terrorists across the border. About 8 terrorists were shot during these attempts at various locations near LoC and the international border. Reports also suggest that hundreds of rifles, pistols, weapons and ammunition were flown across the border using drones. Security forces recovered more than 200 pistols in the valley, most of which were used to kill civilians by the terrorist groups.

Indian army soldiers guarding the Line of Control leave no way for the terrorists to cross. The soldiers say that if they guard the border, the citizens of the country need not worry.

Manoj Kumar, an Indian Army soldier said, “We are far from home, but the Indian Army is also our home. We live with each other being each other’s strength. If we believe in God and love our nation, then there is nothing difficult for soldiers to carry out their task. The control line has been put on high alert. The security forces are careful not to let anyone pass through Indian territory.


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