Odisha Police Demand Higher Car Insurance Premium For Traffic Violators | Bhubaneswar News

BHUBANESWAR: In order to encourage drivers to obey traffic rules and prevent road accidents, Odisha Police has proposed to the state government to introduce a higher car insurance premium for offenders .
Director General of Police Sunil Kumar Bansal, who was present at a meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Suresh Mahapatra to review the state’s road safety situation, suggested that a higher car insurance premium would serve deterrent for reckless drivers.
Bansal said at the meeting that a proposal should be sent by the government to the competent authority to levy a higher insurance premium on vehicles that frequently violate traffic rules, so that drivers are discouraged from flouting. the laws of the road.
The proposed traffic violation premium would be charged in addition to the existing premiums for own damage, third party and personal accident offered by car insurance companies.
“A system should be in place to identify risky and safe drivers and maintain their profiles. The nature of each driver’s traffic violations should be linked to the DL and shared with auto insurers. A lower premium should be offered to safe drivers and a higher premium to risky drivers. Whenever they approach the insurer for insurance renewal, they are asked to pay the traffic violation premium,” Bansal told TOI.
The DGP said a driver’s risk profile should be reviewed and changed every year. If a driver, who has been deemed at risk and sanctioned several times in a given year, improves his driving skills and obeys traffic rules, he can be classified as a safe driver.
There has been a steady increase in the number of deaths from 2014 (3,931 deaths) to 2021 (5,081 deaths), an increase of about 29% over the period in Odisha. However, the Department of Transportation is expected to reverse the worrying trend this year. Accident and fatality rates decreased in January and February this year compared to the corresponding two months in 2021. At least 961 accidents and 456 fatalities were reported in January this year, compared to 1,104 accidents and 492 fatalities in last January. While 1,027 accidents and 466 fatalities occurred in February 2021, the figures fell to 843 accidents and 403 fatalities in February.

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