New Mexico Governor Grisham announces investment to repair Roswell Bridge and protect area from flooding


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New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham announced on Saturday that his state is committing $1.7 million to repair a bridge in Roswell that collapsed last month during a 100-year flood.

The project will also cover flood mitigation efforts to protect the bridge from future heavy rain incidents, Grisham’s office said.

“I am pleased to dedicate $1.7 million in public funding to this important investment for the community of Roswell,” the governor said. “My administration is deploying funds statewide that go beyond stopgap measures when it comes to our infrastructure – in addition to fixing this bridge in Roswell, we will build more robust flood mitigation that will keep residents of this area safe. the region for years to come. ”

The bridge over Berrendo Creek collapsed in late June as a truck drove over it, officials said. According to police reports, the bridge had been weakened by the amount of water flowing in the creek due to heavy rain and had collapsed under the weight of the truck. The occupants of the truck were not injured, officials said. The area received more than 3 inches of rain in an hour, causing flooding in the area, according to the National Weather Service in Albuquerque.

The bridge had also collapsed due to flooding in 2013, officials said, and has been replaced. However, additional changes are needed to address flooding vulnerabilities, the governor’s office said. The plan announced on Saturday will improve debris flow, avoid obstructions and reduce pressure on the structure during future heavy rain events.

Funding for the project will come from the State Road Fund through the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Grisham’s office said.

“This investment will go a long way to not only replacing the bridge, but also repairing it so the citizens of Roswell can travel safely,” said Roswell Mayor Timothy Jennings.


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