MySchool and Woolies Water Fund prioritize water security to help drought-stricken schools


During the recent celebration of Earth Day 2022 (Friday 22 April), MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet (MySchool), South Africa’s leading community fundraising platform, highlights the need for schools to have access to drinking water.

Through its grantee, The Woolies Water Fund, MySchool encourages its supporters to make every stroke count to ensure schools have access to a sustainable water supply. Since its inception four years ago, the Woolies Water Fund has donated R4.5 million to dozens of schools in some of the country’s most drought-affected areas, providing children and teachers with l fresh water for drinking, washing and flushing.

As South Africa is a naturally water-scarce country, it is essential that all South Africans focus on the preservation and management of this particular resource. Woolworths has always been passionate about conserving water and providing schools with this precious vital resource is a high priority in their Good Business Journey commitment in which they aim to have a positive impact on the planet and its people.

“It’s only been four years since Cape Town nearly dried up, or Day Zero as it’s more commonly known, and other parts of the country are still struggling with serious water shortage issues. In the midst of all of this, it has been incredibly disheartening to know that many schools and communities continue to struggle with sustainable access to safe drinking water. The Woolies Water Fund is our effort to help schools meet this challenge,” said Pieter Twine, Managing Director of MySchool.

Efficient water conservation through rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable and cost-effective process of collecting, storing and reusing pure rainwater that would otherwise fall to the ground or run off. The water can be used for sanitation, cooking and hydration purposes, as well as for irrigating vegetable gardens.

Each rainwater harvesting system is custom designed to the specific needs of the school, integrating any existing water infrastructure or installing a sustainable and safe water source from scratch if required.

“We are committed to conserving water by implementing sustainable water saving initiatives as well as building safe infrastructure in schools that desperately need a sustainable water supply to function properly” , added Twine.

He added that the fund had supplied and installed 132 water tanks in 77 schools in four provinces as well as more than 540 handwashing stations. Local water pipes, gutters and filtration systems have also been improved to ensure schools and their surrounding communities have sustainable access to clean, fresh water.

Buyers can do their part

Customers can help raise more funds for school water infrastructure by choosing the Woolies Water Fund as a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiary.

“Many schools across the country simply do not have reliable access to water for health and sanitation purposes. Our children need water for their well-being, and we would not be able to have such a positive impact on the water supply of schools and poor communities without the commitment of our customers who help us to contribute to the fund every time they swipe their MySchool cards in store,” concluded Twine.

To register, go to and name the Woolies Water Fund as the beneficiary or simply text “water” to 31231 and a consultant will call you back. Text messages are free.

Every time you swipe your card or purchase a bottle and/or can of Woolworths water, a percentage of your spend is donated to the Woolies Water Fund.


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