Much more to do on national security: CE



The chief executive said on Wednesday that there was still a lot of work to be done to protect national security, but Carrie Lam did not offer a concrete timeline as to when local national security and cybersecurity laws, including the ban on fake news, would be completed.

Lam said in his political speech that Security Secretary Chris Tang would “proactively” advance work on Section 23 of the National Security Law.

“[Tang] develops effective and pragmatic proposals and arrangements, and formulates effective advertising programs to prevent those who oppose China and attempt to destabilize Hong Kong from taking advantage of the situation to deceive the public with bad intentions, “a- she declared.

Lam also said Chief Secretary John Lee will coordinate work on tackling fake news and protecting cybersecurity.

The EC added that there would be stricter regulation, supervision, public communication and guidance measures for schools, media, internet and social organizations.

She said officials would “revise or revive” existing laws to ensure they have them readily available for strict enforcement, in a bid to protect national security. One example she cited is the Film Censorship Bill which is currently under consideration by lawmakers.

Lam added that fair trials and due process are essential elements of the rule of law, and she called on officials to help the judiciary address the problem of courtroom shortages.

“An additional mega courtroom and ancillary facilities will be set up at the Wan Chai Tower to handle cases involving a large number of defendants before the new district court building goes into operation at the end of 2027” , said the EC, adding that work would start. in the first half of next year.

She said the old Tsuen Wan courthouse will be reopened and other facilities are currently being converted.



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