King Power Stadium security guard attacked by drugged Foxes fan


A cocaine-rich Leicester City fan who was stopped by security trying to enter a prohibited part of the King Power Stadium attacked a member of staff. Charlie Gibbs, 24, also punched another person who was trying to stop him.

Gibbs, of Radford Drive, Leicester Forest East, admitted the offenses at Leicester Magistrates’ Court and, due to the seriousness of the offenses, he was sent to Leicester Crown Court for sentencing. He appeared for the King Power Stadium incident and two other violent incidents.

Recorder Michael Auty QC sentenced Gibbs to a total of four years in prison. He was also given a six-year football ban and a six-year restraining order to keep him away from one of the victims.

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Describing the attack on the security guard, Recorder Auty said: “You tried to force your way into an area of ​​Leicester City Football Club. He was there to protect the safety of the players.

“He didn’t deserve to be attacked.

The court heard how Gibbs had a strong reaction to the cocaine he took and Recorder Auty said it appeared the defendant’s “neurological difficulties” seemed to “magnify” the effect of the drug.

He added that the defendant had good qualities and in other areas had “shown maturity” and was able to look after his partner and children. The recorder told Gibbs, “I hope you can put this behind you and be the man you were.”

Gibbs had pleaded guilty to two offenses of assaulting a rescue worker, a property damage offense – both on Saturday, June 11, 2022, causing actual bodily harm on Saturday, May 15, 2021 – and an intentional injury offense on Sunday. August 8, 2021.



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