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Clearmont City Council held its June meeting on the 20 At the mayor. Dave Craft of Dave Craft Farm Bureau Financial Services reviewed the current insurance policy with the council, suggesting they increase cover due to current high construction costs if the town hall needs to be replaced.

Mayor Chris Schock asked Craft to give them new numbers reflecting increased coverage with an increased deduction to keep premiums low. Craft said he would email the new numbers to the board.

Other items discussed were the hiring of a city maintenance worker to replace John Keiser, who is planning to retire. Salaries will be based on experience and certifications, and anyone interested can contact Clearmont City Hall.

Schock and Councilor Anna Switzer had this exchange on the matter.

There were several upcoming projects that Shock said he was considering for the city; replacement of the water main from the water tank to the highway and replacement of the water main on Water Street. He added that there was money available for these and other needed infrastructure projects.

Schock read the resolution to maintain the one-cent sales tax, and the council voted to maintain the one-cent tax. The board voted to accept the offer of $2.42/gallon for 1300 gallons of propane from Big Horn Coop.

Schock told council the water tank needed more paint on the inside, but the company would do it and there would be no change for the city, “It’s up to them,” said he said. The water will not be turned off to complete the project.

He said repairs to water well No. 3 are delayed because a necessary part has been ordered until August 2, and when the part is received, the water well will be repaired.

The council voted to approve the Mill Levy Ordinance and the Budget Ordinance.

The only visitor was Sheridan County Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Arzy, who was at the meeting, so if the town had any issues to discuss with the sheriff’s office, they could speak to him.

The next meeting will be July 18.


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