Duale says investing in sports is key


Garissa Township MP Aden Duale called on sports stakeholders to prioritize their investments in sports activities in the country to help develop untapped local potential.

Leading 12th Parliament lawmaker spoke out by distributing sports kits including uniforms, balls, goal post constructions and nets to more than 300 young people from 25 football clubs in Bulla Sheikh, Qadim and Kamor from the town of Garissa.

“In order to develop the natural talent of our young people, investment in football and other sports is of paramount importance. Sports engagement among young people will help the community to fight against the spread of drug abuse, radicalization and extremism, ”he noted.

With a good number of lives transformed through sporting activities in countries with adequate training structures, Kenya is once again in the spotlight for its paltry investment in sport.

Kenya continues to make little to gain from this unexplored fortune (currently developing sport) – even though studies show our athletes to be some of the most famous sports figures on the world stage.

In July this year, Duale, together with officials from the Garissa County branch of the Football Kenya Federation, launched a program to improve the standards of football in the region.

Garissa, a Kenyan town less known for football, this year produced the winner of the annual East African Cup Ligi Ndogo after Berlin FC were crowned Under-19 champions in a sponsored tournament by Safaricom aimed at fostering talent.

The tournament, which took place in Kisamis, Kajiado County, attracted just 46 teams from Kenya, as Tanzania and Uganda were unable to register any teams due to the pandemic.

Kenya remains home to outstanding sports figures, including the Shujaa Rugby Sevens team, the Wanyama Brothers’ first female footballers in Europe, Kenya-born Tour de France great Chris Froome and Dunford scions in heroic swimming. .

The infrequent success provides generous proof that Kenya has the talent to build its sports economy.


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