China’s Decision to Restrict Free Speech and Ban Media Investments World news


Beijing: Amid China’s attempt to tighten control over free speech in the country, the government led by Xi Jinping has added media investments to a list of “prohibited investments.”
In accordance with the measure posted on the website of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC) said it was “soliciting public opinion” on the addition of China’s investments. private sector in the media to a list of prohibited investments, Radio Free Asia reported.

“The government is making sure it controls its message, it won’t hand it over to anyone else,” a retired professor at Shanxi University added, adding that “he wants a dominant voice. reigns over everything “.

The ordinance stipulated that “organizations without public sector investment shall not engage in activities involving the collection, editing or dissemination of information”. publishing services or publishers, in the order listed.

Besides the media, Beijing has also banned private investment in areas such as political, economic, military or diplomatic organizations, Radio Free Asia reported.

Meanwhile, China has also dramatically increased its efforts to influence media coverage to improve the global narrative about itself. Beijing has used the media as an important tool to assert its power and improve its discourse in international discourse, China funds academics, journalists and experts abroad, censoring domestic media while keeping an eye on the diaspora Chinese overseas, the HK Post reported.


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