China to accelerate data security efforts in key sectors: MIIT official


File photo data security

A Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) official said on Thursday that the ministry will further accelerate the implementation of regulations and standards targeting data security in key areas such as personal information. and artificial intelligence, with the aim of strengthening the protection of personal information and data security control.

In addition, MIIT will further protect users’ rights by strengthening supervision to achieve comprehensive regulatory coverage of application stores, third-party software development kits, terminal companies and major Internet companies to create a safe environment. information and communication safer for consumers, said Sui Jing, an official with MIIT.

Sui’s response came after some media outlets raised questions about how authorities oversee the excessive collection of personal information.

MIIT has previously established a series of standards to establish a standardized security system for industrial data security, while guiding relevant units to strictly promote the process, Sui said.

She noted that MIIT conducted technical tests on 2.08 million apps in 2021, recording 1,549 breaches and removing 514 apps.

Going forward, MIIT will continue to perform targeted rectifications while cooperating with relevant authorities to create a safer and more reliable environment for protecting personal information and ensuring data security.

In 2021, some 45,000 fraud-related codes and 1.04 million domain names were wiped out, while 1.95 billion fraud-related phone calls and 2.14 billion messages were intercepted, a said Sui.


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