China Mobile subsidiary CMLink to cease operations in Canada due to security concerns


CMLink, the subsidiary of China Mobile in Canada, will cease operations in Canada due to concerns expressed by the federal government.

According to a new report from Richmond News, the company, one of China’s largest state-owned mobile phone networks, appears to be pulling out of Canada.

“As requested by the Canadian federal government, China Mobile Canada’s CMLink will cease operations on January 5, 2022,” said a statement posted on the company’s website.

The report notes that the decision was made following an order from a federal court in Ottawa that concerned potential safety concerns.

CMI – which appears to have only one storefront in British Columbia, at the Lansdowne Center in Richmond – said its ad was “at the request of the Canadian federal government.”

The press release indicates that from December 28, CMI will not accept any new membership requests and that all SIM cards that have not been activated by January 5, 2022 will be void.

In early December, China Mobile lost an offer from the court to temporarily suspend the federal government’s order to divest or liquidate its Canadian subsidiary on national security grounds.

According to the report, Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton said the damage to the curiosity of the general public posed by the continued operations of China Mobile International Canada “is significantly greater” than the damage that the company has proven that it could endure without policing.

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