Carolina Panthers have every right to balk at Jimmy Garoppolo’s asking price


Jimmy Garoppolo’s asking price is something the Carolina Panthers are right not to pay in their quest for a new quarterback.

It’s no secret that the Carolina Panthers are looking for some extra help at quarterback. Cam Newton’s return seems unlikely and Sam Darnold’s future also hangs in the balance after a disappointing first season under center following his trade to the New York Jets.

The Panthers swung for the fences with failed attempts for Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, who both waived their no-trade clauses for moves elsewhere rather than risk it in Carolina. Those in power have decided not to test the free agent market and the concerns surrounding this group of college callers have been well documented to further complicate matters.

That could bring Carolina back into the trade pool for a short-term fix. While their options have also dwindled in this particular method of recruiting, there are still one or two veterans who can provide an instant production pick-up at a crucial stage in Matt Rhule’s tenure.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s future remains uncertain after the San Francisco 49ers gave up a significant fee to select Trey Lance from North Dakota State. The Panthers have reportedly shown interest in the former NFC champion, who recently underwent shoulder surgery that could keep him off the training ground until training camp at the earliest.

Such a decision split the team’s fan base. They are tired of makeshift fixes and if Rhule and company had chosen to select a quarterback much sooner via the NFL Draft, then these ongoing complications could have been avoided.

A reflection of poor judgment at the most important position on the football pitch.

Something that urgently needs to change.

Carolina can’t be held hostage by the Niners if they come back for Garoppolo anytime soon. It’s unlikely to happen before the draft, but maybe once they get a franchise left tackle from the No. 6 overall pick.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s asking price is too high for the Carolina Panthers

According to Jonathan Alexander of the Charlotte Observer, the asking price for Garoppolo is two second-round picks, citing a source with knowledge of the negotiations. Given the Panthers don’t have a second-rounder this year following the Darnold trade, that would mean giving up their 2023 and 2024 Day 2 picks to seal the deal.

Realistically, the Niners would like to remove Garoppolo from the equation if they’re confident Lance is ready. It would also remove a high salary cap from their books that could be used to potentially secure a long-term extension with offensive all-rounder Deebo Samuel.

The Panthers are currently the only team that can take on the vast majority of Garoppolo’s contract. And their need for a signalman is evident despite Darnold and PJ Walker being on their roster.

However, they are absolutely right to turn down this kind of offer from a player with one year left on his contract. Although there is obviously a lot at stake for Rhule and the team in 2022.

Maybe the Panthers can lower the price or agree to some kind of financial package where the Niners accept part of Garoppolo’s contract to complete this deal. The former Eastern Illinois standout comes across as a good fit scheme for Ben McAdoo’s system and is a proven winner wherever he’s been in the right system.

This is a fluid situation that will soon be resolved. But one thing is for sure, the Panthers can’t move forward with Darnold as the undisputed No. 1 option if they want to generate positivity throughout the organization.


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