Boat owners react to high gas prices


Record gas prices aren’t stopping people from spending time on Lake Erie.

Whether you’re refueling your boat at the marina or at the gas station, the price of gas has risen so much that it’s forcing charter captains to raise their prices.

“We use diesel fuel and it’s up $2.60 a gallon since last season on the water. The prices on the water are usually much higher than the prices you pay at the pumps on land,” said Perch Pirate Captain John Krasa.

For a captain, he fills up with unleaded gasoline. It’s costing him $250, which is double last year’s amount. So he raised his prices by another $20-$30 per person.

“You can’t change it, so go ahead, do your job and make the most of it,” said Mark Rose, charter captain at Bass Online Fishing Guides.

It’s a cost for anyone who wants to have fun fishing or just get out on the water with the family.

“I know a lot of guys with it, especially the big boats, I don’t know what their situation would be because they have to be able to get out the way they would. I think it will come back to reduce some of their activities, ”said John Jones, owner of the boat.

Even though charter captains charge people a bit more money, customers said they don’t mind because they can go out and enjoy the beautiful day.

“We have been locked in by this pandemic. This gives us the opportunity to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather. It was definitely worth it,” said charter customer Neil Apple.

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While some charter companies have started their season, others will start after Memorial Day.


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