Best Nigerian Insurance Apps in 2021


In recent times, insurers have made efforts to expand their operations in an effort to respond to industry trends. Instead, major insurance companies have endorsed the use of digital platforms, big data and mobile apps to improve customer interaction with providers, as well as to improve excellent communication channels between companies. organizations and their users or customers.

In addition to providing transparent and timely services, mobile applications allow users to have functional access to the products, information, processes and services they request in real time to improve insurer services.

While some insurers have been able to leverage the use of the app for clients, harnessing the power of digital solutions to help them better understand their clients, increase efficiency and minimize losses, many insurers still fail to catch up. their delay. rhythm.

Nairametrics highlights the top five insurance apps in Nigeria for the year 2021 in no particular order with a focus on user ratings, app flexibility, and user review, among other factors.

Leadway Insurance (Leadway Health, Mylife)

Leadway Insurance has a separate application for Health (Leadway Health) and General Business (Leadway Mylife).

The Leadway Health App is rated 4.5 stars with over 1000 downloads and is designed to give users quick access to medical care and attention, while the 4.2 star Leadway Mylife has over 10,000 installations and provides access to general and life products as specifically designed. to enable the purchase and management of plans with minimal third party assistance.

While users hailed the health insurance app as the best HMO app in terms of the functionality of its features that enable hospital appointment scheduling, viewing authorization requests, and self-care -approved, the Leadway Mylife app is also applauded for its informative nature.

However, users also complain about the difficulty of logging in and the need to update policyholder information.

A user identified as Ibrahim Keks said: “If I had known, I wouldn’t have updated. I have not been able to connect since the update. Every time I try to open the app something pops up with Chinese letters that I don’t even understand and it stays on the screen forever and if I cancel it and try to log in the app do not accept my password.

Adekunle Sogbesan said: “The app has a bug on login – you provide the password and it tries to log in then returns to the login screen. I had to uninstall it.

Victor Orji said, “The request from the Leadway insurance company is informative. But he must update the renewal information of the insured.

AXA Attic (MyAXA Plus)

With more than 10,000 downloads, the AXA Mansard mobile application is rated 4.0. According to the insurer, the app is designed to give customers a more convenient way to buy and manage plans, policies and investments, as it allows exploring products, rates and trends, the calculator lifestyle, renewed auto policy and news while allowing users access for health advice and investment advice.

Likewise, its main features make it possible to purchase insurance policies, initiate auto claims and evaluate a car, schedule hospital appointments and purchase health insurance, request renewals. prescriptions, contribute funds, liquidate and repay investments, as well as responsive AI that helps clients with their insurance, health, and investment needs.

Reviews around the app generated positive responses from users who praised the app’s features that allow easy access.

Information Edge Limited said: “Good jump compared to the standard version. The use of biometric identification, the consolidation of all contracts into one wallet, the option of intuitive printing of reports and a constant reminder of low returns on investment easily secured a five-star rating.

However, users also noted that the issues with the app revolved around technicality. Ayoola Fadeyi said, “I have a family health policy, but I cannot access more than one of the four profiles. Please consider this in your next update.

Allianz Nigeria Insurance Plc (Allianz NG)

The AllianzNG Mobile app is rated 4.6 and has a total download of over 10,000. According to the insurer, the app allows users to easily take control of insurance needs as well as access tools to manage, purchase policies and track claims and is assessed.

In their review, users expressed their preferences for the app due to its simplicity. Temitope Olorunfunmi said: “This application is effective. Using minimal colors and focused icons makes it easy to navigate the app without color clogging or complicated information. And it shows that a lot of thought has gone into creating an app that reflects the values ​​of the company and also meets the needs of the user.

Additionally, users criticized the app for its connection difficulties and based on the fact that the app claim request is not being processed promptly as it should be. Michael Onu said, “No payment option in the app, damn poor.”

Mutual Benefit (Mutual Benefit Insurance)

The mutual benefit app is rated 3.3 with over 1000 downloads and is described by the insurer as a one stop shop for all insurance purchases and inquiries with prompt processing of claims.

While the app has attracted different reviews, negative reviews have hovered around the app which is not user friendly. Commenting on the app, Fatiu Baba said: “It’s quite heavy and confusing. I cannot make payment on it. It is completely different from what is on the website.

NBF insurance

The FBN Insurance App has a total download of over 100,000 and allows users to view the portfolio of insurance policies, report claims, make premium payments, and download a position statement. of the premium account according to the insurer.

What you should know

The penetration rate of the sector remains low at 0.5% compared to 13.4% in South Africa, despite efforts by the regulator, NAICOM, government and stakeholders to improve the figure.

To improve the figure, experts advocate insurtech, which seeks to improve insurance practices and implement the automation of their mundane activities, thereby making the insurance process transparent and efficient.


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