AnyMind Group Partners with Human Security to Help Eliminate Ad Fraud in Apps

  • Sophisticated robot attacks are a growing and evolving threat to the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.
  • HUMAN’s MediaGuard will be immediately deployed and made available to advertisers who leverage POKKTin-app video advertising capabilities in Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East.

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce activation platform, and HUMAN Safety, Inc. (formerly White Ops), the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud, today announced a partnership that sees AnyMind Groupthe mobile video advertising platform of, POKKT mobile ads (POKKT), adopt HUMAN’s MediaGuard® for the detection and prevention of ad fraud across all of POKKT’s in-app video advertising offerings.

With sophisticated bot attacks posing a dramatically growing and evolving threat to the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. HUMAN’s MediaGuard® will be immediately deployed and made available to advertisers who take advantage of POKKT’s in-app video advertising capabilities in Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East. They can now operate fraud-free environments for their in-app advertising at no additional cost, ensuring cleaner, higher-quality and cost-effective advertising to reach an increasingly mobile audience.

Vaibhav Odhekar, Managing Director India & Middle East for AnyMind Group and COO of POKKT said: “Our customers have trusted us to provide them with the best advertising quality and MediaGuard® bot protection. from HUMAN, now fully integrated and available to advertisers. across the region we have now added an extra layer of protection and can move forward together to move the industry forward. HUMAN is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for End-to-End Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) coverage for desktops, mobile web, mobile apps, and connected television (CTV). This includes accreditation for detection and mitigation before and after SIVT’s offering, which is notoriously difficult to detect as scammers attempt to mimic genuine user behavior. Partnering with AnyMind Group ensures that customers and partners will be protected against emerging forms of SIVT – background advertising activity, hidden ads, misrepresentation / impersonation, metrics manipulation and more – while ensuring filtering and a permanent measure of fraud in the POKKT. Mobile ad platform. Ryan James Murray, Director of HUMAN Asia-Pacific, added: “Markets across Asia-Pacific are experiencing the fastest growing trade in mobile devices compared to any other region in the world. Protecting the integrity of the opportunity for advertisers to interact with real humans in such an intimate and open environment is of the utmost importance to us and our partners. Partnering with POKKT ensures a supply chain free from fraud and unwanted automation. We expect the partnership to signal advertisers and agents of the significant value present across POKKT’s reach and that the derived results are guaranteed to be generated only by humans. We are excited to be working with POKKT in the fight to break the economy of cybercrime. ”

Today, HUMAN verifies the humanity of over 10,000 billion digital interactions per week, providing businesses with a platform with unparalleled visibility into fraudulent activity on the Internet. HUMAN achieves this scale through its continued expansion in cybersecurity, now offering a suite of products to protect the entire digital customer journey: BotGuard ™ for applications, BotGuard ™ for growth marketing and MediaGuard®. With new partners and companies now able to take advantage of the company’s human verification engine, an even deeper understanding of the cybercrime landscape allows HUMAN to continuously adapt, to stay ahead of its business. adversaries and to offer its clients collective protection against threat models that they have not yet encountered. .

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