After the loot offer, security at ATMS has increased


BALURGHAT: After cops foil offer to rob an ATM, security systems at all Balurghat ATMs have been beefed up

Sources said a high-level meeting had been called between police officers and bank officials.

“Cops have been urged to coordinate with bank officials to ensure proper security at all ATMs. During the exercise, cops and bank officials were also asked to note and collect details of banks and ATMs operating throughout the city, ”the source said.

A senior police officer said criminals can capture data on the card’s magnetic stripe using electronic devices (through a process known as skimming) and then use that information to prepare fake cards.

“If a skimming device is installed in an ATM, it can be noticed and card users should be very careful when withdrawing cash and should report it to the bank immediately,” the officer said. Meanwhile, on Sunday, criminals damaged an ATM in the city to loot money. The culprits were then arrested.

Balurghat Headquarters DSP Somnath Jha said: “Most ATMs operate without security guards. The police are constantly monitoring the situation to avoid any untoward incidents.


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