500 liter heating oil price in Northern Ireland increases slightly but costs generally stabilize


The price of 500 liters of heating oil has risen slightly this week in Northern Ireland, now costing £420.28 on average.

he average cost of heating oil has largely stabilized after a series of strong weekly rises over the past few months, but the Consumer Council’s latest price announcement still represents an average increase of just over £5 over the last seven days.

According to the Weekly Price Checker, the average price for 300 liters of heating oil is £261.67, which is an increase of around £4 on average from last week’s figures.

However, the price of 900 liters of heating oil has fallen on average this week in Northern Ireland, costing an average of £714.50.

This means the price has fallen by more than £15 on average on the same amount of heating oil last week.

The council area with the lowest average price for 500 liters at present is Derry City and Strabane at £415.20, while the highest is Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon.

Although prices remain high, they have gradually fallen since their peak last month following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which helped push up global oil prices.

The Consumer Council has informed people that although people can have a regular supplier, money can be saved by using their tool to check if you are paying more than the average price.

He advised the public to shop around and look to other suppliers as many will deliver further afield at no additional cost.


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