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By David Picodo and Yassine Maroufi

Investing.com – Many growth investors seek out the latest high potential investment themes in order to buy the right stocks before most other investors, and thus reap the huge payoffs promised to those with the leading player advantage . Compromise, of course, takes a lot more risk than investing in stocks in established sectors.

2021 has seen the emergence or strengthening of several leading investment trends, which may present exciting opportunities for investors who wish to try to get a head start in 2022.

In this article, we’ll discuss three such recent investment trends that could emerge in 2022, along with relevant stocks that interested investors could learn more about for each topic. These are not necessarily flagship themes, but emerging themes that deserve a place on the radar of discerning investors. Likewise, the individual stocks mentioned for each of the investment themes discussed in this article are not recommended stocks to buy, but simply illustrative examples of actions to follow for each theme.

Batteries and lithium

Environmentally conscious investors have long been drawn to the EV industry, as experts believe EVs will replace gasoline and diesel vehicles in the decades to come. Other environmentally conscious investors are more interested in the production of clean energy, with investments in solar, wind or hydropower.

But the best way to invest in renewable energy is perhaps the storage of renewable energy, and especially batteries. Subject to climatic and seasonal vagaries, the production of clean and renewable energies must face the problem of storing and distributing energy to consumers. So, if governments around the world are to make a total transition to clean energy, the need for energy storage, and therefore batteries, is set to explode. Investors in this area can either look to battery manufacturers or consider more direct investments in producers of lithium, a key raw material for batteries.

Notable stocks in the battery and lithium industries

Lithium Americas Corp (TSX 🙂

  • Current price (as of December 29): $ 28.36

  • Market capitalization: $ 3.55 billion

  • Activity: Exploration and production of lithium

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 18.38 (-33% decrease)

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 35.24 (30% increase)

Livent Corp (NYSE 🙂

  • Current price (as of December 29): $ 24.69

  • Market capitalization: $ 4.04 billion

  • Activity: Manufacture of lithium compounds

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 15.52

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 29.77

Quantumscape (NYSE 🙂

  • Current price (as of December 29): $ 22.17

  • Market capitalization: $ 9.68 billion

  • Activity: Developer / Researcher of lithium batteries

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 19.65

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 32.33

Psychedelic medicine

Following the trajectory of cannabis a few years ago, certain psychedelics and hallucinogens once considered illegal drugs are gaining medical attention.

Although it is an industry in its infancy, the potential of psychedelic healthcare has been supported by numerous studies.

Investors are turning their attention, and most importantly their capital, to this growing industry for three main reasons: the global need for effective mental health treatments, changing laws and regulations, and broad public support.

First, in the context of a post-COVID world, psychedelic care will become an essential tool in treating worsening mental health problems. According to UK charity Mind, more than two-thirds of adults with mental health issues said their mental health had deteriorated during the lockdown. We still don’t have a full picture of the impact of this period, nor of how the pandemic has affected the general population.

In response, pharmaceutical companies are looking to invest significantly in new medical treatments to address this problem.

Governments are also encouraged to act quickly to protect the well-being of their citizens. In this context, the actions of companies preparing treatments for mental illnesses on the basis of their research on psychedelic drugs could be in high demand in 2022.

Notable actions in psychedelic medicine

Mind Medicine Inc (NASDAQ 🙂

  • Current price (as of December 29): $ 1,527

  • Market capitalization: $ 661 million

  • Activity: Research and development of drugs based on psilocybin and LSD

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 1.51

  • Average analyst target over 12 months: $ 8

Cybine Inc (NYSE 🙂

  • Current price (as of December 29): $ 1.19

  • Market capitalization: $ 194 million

  • Activity: Research and development of drugs based on psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 1.24

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 8.20

Compass Paths (NASDAQ 🙂

  • Current price (as of December 29): $ 21.52

  • Market capitalization: $ 910 million

  • Activity: Research and development of drugs and treatments based on psilocybin

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 17.12

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 84.75

Build the metaverse (s)

Although the definition of the metaverse is still debated, investors have not hesitated to outbid the investments related to this concept since Facebook has made the creation of a metaverse its main objective, renaming its activity in Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: ) to mark the occasion. .

Concretely, the metaverse refers to an online space which can be navigated in virtual reality, and which would allow all kinds of social and commercial interactions. Some analysts believe this is the next big internet revolution.

However, since this is still a vague concept that hasn’t really been implemented by anyone yet, choosing the best stocks to bet on the metaverse isn’t easy.

Some stocks are less risky metaverse bets than others. Indeed, many experts believe that instead of betting on the shares of companies that wish to have an activity directly linked to the metaverse, investors would be better off turning to the architects of the metaverse, or companies that have the necessary technologies. to create metaverse.

In this area, manufacturers of graphics cards and computer chips seem like the obvious choices, because no matter what, creating navigable virtual reality metaavers will require vastly more graphics processing power than is currently required for games. and experiments taking place on conventional computer screens.

Additionally, chip stocks are also ideally positioned to take advantage of many other trends set to explode in 2022, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and data centers, and cryptocurrency mining.

But software will also come into play in the Metaverse, as companies that have graphics technologies essential to the artistic and technical creation of the Metaverse can become attractive.

Notable Actions for the Metaverse


  • Current price: $ 298.19

  • Market capitalization: $ 758 billion

  • Activity: Semiconductor manufacturer (graphics processing units, among other chips)

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 222.13

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 360.17

Unity Software (NYSE 🙂

  • Current price: $ 140.69

  • Market capitalization: $ 41.9 billion

  • Company: software to help create 3D environments

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 98.22

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 178.86

Matterport (NASDAQ 🙂

  • Current price: $ 22.28

  • Market capitalization: $ 5.63 billion

  • Activity: Virtual building reproduction technology

  • Fair value of InvestingPro: $ 14.18

  • Average 12-month analyst target: $ 32.33

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