Credit for the move: Transfer loan from Cashper

Credit for the move: Moving loan 

Credit for the move: Moving loan 

amount €   100 € 100 € 1500 running time Get your money now! Credit 100 interest 0.58 You pay back Payable on 01-01-0000 Debit Interest 15% Example If you take out a short-term loan of € 300 for 30 days, you have to pay back the following amount: Credit amount: € 300, term 30 days, effective annual interest rate 7.95% (fixed). The debit interest is € 1.98, so that at the end of the term € 301.98 are to be paid back. 2-rate option The loan amount will be repaid in 2 equal parts within 60 days, with the 1st installment due after 30 days. ×


The move to a new place is associated with considerable costs. If the money is just short, offers a loan. Instead of overdraft and long-term installment loan, a small loan can be the method of choice. Provided that the right loan type is selected as the loan for the move .

Furniture transporters, auxiliaries, craftsmen, construction service, 1-2 new furniture and a dozen little things: The cost of a move are regularly underestimated. The consequence: Shortly after moving into the new apartment, the account is overdrawn and the credit line used up . Of course, this can be avoided with a conventional installment loan. But who would still like to pay for the removal costs years after moving in?

Short-term loans are paid out quickly and paid off quickly

Short-term loans are paid out quickly and paid off quickly

A short-term loan can be a solution for relocation costs that exceed the budget. Unless the move is associated with major new purchases, the loan amounts offered are often sufficient. Short-term and mini-credits offer several advantages. Firstly, the money is available very quickly so that bottlenecks can be responded to even during the acute relocation phase. Secondly, the loan is repaid quickly so that interest rates are low and the loan does not burden the budget in the long term.

Short-term loans are provided by specialized financial service providers . Standard for the market are loan amounts from the lower three-digit to the lower four-digit range. The repayment is usually final after 30-60 days.

The application is very straightforward compared to conventional installment loans. There are fewer documents to compile and less information to be provided. The requirements for the income and employment status of the applicant are also moderate.

Credit for moving: Comparison is worthwhile, especially with extras

Credit for moving: Comparison is worthwhile, especially with extras

It is recommended to conduct a condition comparison in advance of a decision. For conditions for a mini loan can vary quite a bit. This is especially true when small loan is combined with various additional benefits available.

Frequently offered additional services are z. As the repayment in several installments, same-day payout and a later agreed deferral . The conditions of these extras should therefore be taken into account in comparison as well as the reported interest rate. With our loan calculator different conditions models can be displayed easily and clearly.

Always apply for credits BEFORE the planned move

Not only for small loans, the application is better before the move and the official re-registration. If the relocation costs are financed by means of a credit line and should this be compensated a few weeks later, an unpleasant surprise often follows: Banks and providers of short-term loans suddenly reject the request.

All consumers, whose SCHUFA score was only average before moving, must count on this. A move can worsen the scores. There is a short-term worsening because almost every move statistically increases the risk of payment difficulties. In the long term, scores at credit bureaus can be worsened if, according to Geoscoring , the new place of residence is not as good as the previous address.

Estimate relocation costs correctly


Many households underestimate the costs associated with moving. Relocation calculators can help estimate the effort. The tools consider z. B. the level of the room or the amount of moving goods and cubic meters, the distance between old and new apartment, special effort for the transport of plants and glass, the number of stages that need to be climbed and expenses for furniture assembly, the reduction of a Kitchen and the procurement of moving boxes.