Anticipation or loan: Which is the best option for your company?

The equation is simple: Companies need money to grow. The entrepreneur needs to invest in his business to take chances in an increasingly competitive market, regardless of the size of the business. It is therefore essential to have control over your cash and know your options.

WisePay believes in its potential and helps you with all the tools you need to develop your professional project, be it in commerce, industry or the service sector. The company is always by your side and offers personalized lines of credit, between duplicate advance and business loans.

But do you know which option is best for your company? WisePay helps you!


Business loans

Business loans

Usually, a bank loan is made from the delivery of documents that prove the fiscal responsibility of the company. The parties then agree on the loan amount and the repayment terms, including repayment term and interest to be charged on the transaction.

Interest, however, is the problem. In operations with traditional banks, these high values ​​can make negotiations impractical for entrepreneurs. If you have a WisePay digital account, the loan can be repaid up to six times and the money can be released within two hours of approval of the documentation, all quickly, securely and 100% digital. In addition, your company can achieve up to double the credit limit on transactions with your WisePay card machines.


Duplicate Anticipation

money loan

If your business has duplicates to receive, anticipation is the best option for your business. In this mode of operation, the bank (or fintech ) advances the payment of amounts receivable through discounts, analyzing the securities and making the payment in cash. At lower rates, the entrepreneur is no longer required to repay the full amount, as in a loan, but no longer earns the full value of his duplicates thanks to operating discounts and tax collections such as the IOF.

At WisePay , receivables are also prepaid up to two hours after banknotes are sent and always through the digital payment account. So your business gets money to grow without having to suffer from higher fees, improving not only your cash flow, but also your financial planning.